Sr. Josephine

I am Sr. Josephine, a Kenyan national and member of the Little Sisters of Jesus. I live in a community in the country side, in Kajiado, near the Kenya-Tanzania border. I work among the Masai people, who are pastoralists and very poor. Life has hit them hard these last years, because of the poor rain fall. The cattle are thin…and their women and children malnourished.

I try to live the simple life of Jesus in Nazareth. Our community shares the condition of ordinary people we live with, center in the Eucharist and share God’s word in our way of living: life of pray, friendship, humble and simple presence of the Church among the poor.

My experience at Mwangaza Jesuit Spiritual Centre has been excellent. I have met God in a very special way here. The environment is so peaceful and prayerful. It helps me to experience silence and peace deep within. The retreat guides journey with the retreatants at their own level; help you remain focused on Jesus, his words, his union with the Father and the Spirit. They also help the retreatant to enter more deeply into our inner life in relation to Jesus inner life. As one ends the retreat, she leaves with a mission of discipleship among the people one lives with.