Gathoni Njenga

Mrs Gathoni Njenga is married and expects her first child. She is a member of the Anglican Church, but works in a Catholic church social organization engaged in assisting the marginalized of her country: mentally disabled children, vulnerable children and youth, abused girls, children with HIV AIDS. She lives and works some three hours north of Nairobi, deep in the country side, near Mount Kenya.

She has come to Mwangaza Jesuit Spiritual Centre five times already. She finds retreats at Mwangaza special, because of the atmosphere of silence and the personalized retreat guidance offered by the staff.

She shares: “Every time I engage in a retreat at Mwangaza I learn something new and meaningful about myself and my spiritual journey, although it is not easy at times. I have learnt that God loves me as I am, with my many weaknesses and qualities.”

She adds: “Mwangaza is not for suitable for anyone. To like Mwangaza one needs to be searching for depth in one’s life, where God becomes so important and embracing”.