Francis Gitonga

Francis Gitonga married man with children. He is Catholic and works in a faith based organization in the diocese of Nyahururu, in northern Kenya, some 200 kms. from Nairobi.

His work is with disable children and HIV AIDS children and youth from the poor country side.

He shares: “I come to Mwangaza because I need to pray. I see too much suffering around me and I need time to pray in silence, listen to the Lord and share with Him my life. I like Mwangaza because there is a retreat guide whom I meet daily for 30 minutes and I have the rest of the day to pray alone in silence. I like Mwangaza because the environment is supportive: trees, gardens. It reminds me of God’s love all the time.” He adds: “When I go back home and to work, both my family and colleagues tell me that they see me transformed. I also see that praying in this place makes me a better person, with hope and compassionate.”