Beatrice Waithera

Beatrice Waithera is married, mother of one and a second child is on the way. She is a member of the Presbyterian Church and lives and works with the marginalized and the disabled in the country side. She is a trainer of the staff who work directly with more than 5,000 children in situations of great vulnerability.

Beatrice says that the first time she came to Mwangaza to do her retreat she arrived as she lived: bitter, sad, unforgiving. She was feeling a deep vacuum in her life. “My prayer experience those days changed my life forever” she shared. And added: “I learnt to forgive when I prayed with Jesus in his passion, death and resurrection. It was something miraculous, because I learnt to see other people with God’s compassionate eyes. As I go back home today I feel blessed, renewed, free. The Lord has promised me to be with me until the end and I believe Him.”

She ends her sharing by saying that “Mwangaza is a gift of the Lord. Its natural environment is so conducive to prayer: park, trees, the birds and their melodies. One can walk and jog. Most importantly, the retreat guides are special, people set apart to lead us in our journey to the Lord.”