Spiritual Guides Certificate Course 2018-2019, offered by Hekima University College and Mwangaza Jesuit Centre

A Church Ministry

The ministry of spiritual accompaniment has developed enormously these last decades. What was originally considered to be an outreach to priests and religious women and men, and given by priests mainly, has developed into a Church ministry provided also by religious men and women as well as laity. Now more people are able to avail of spiritual assistance in times of rapid changes that need constant discernment.

What is spiritual guidance?

It is a practical art that aims at helping the person who seeks guidance become an integrated human being, able to discern God’s will in her/his life and follow it wholeheartedly.

Who can benefit from this programme?

  • The course is addressed to committed Christian men and women, who live and work in East Africa:
  • Women and men religious involved in the formation of their candidates
  • Priests who work as spiritual guides in major seminaries or formation houses.
  • Priests engaged in pastoral work in parishes, pastoral centres and chaplaincies.
  • Lay women and men who understand spiritual guidance as a ministry in their local Christian communities

Application Procedures

Application Procedures
Those interested are invited to submit the application form together with a 1-page reflection on their faith journey;
2 letters of recommendation by people able to comment on the applicant’s potential as spiritual guide. These should be forwarded to the Director of Mwangaza Jesuit Centre.
Finally, applicants will be asked to attend an interview with the Centre’s director.


The course is divided into eight 4-day blocks. It will be offered at Mwangaza Jesuit Centre and will take place during the years 2018 and 2019.

Required Level of commitment includes:

  • Attend all eight block training sessions
  • Share in peer groups on the experience of the past months
  • Engage in discussions, role plays, case studies
  • Help organize and participate in Eucharistic liturgies and community prayers
  • Between training sessions, prepare and submit eight written assignments for supervision.
  • Engage in spiritual guidance with two people.


The course explores the areas of psychology, Ignatian spirituality, theology and Scripture, in reference to spiritual guidance.

The 1st blockfocuses on reflectiveness, awareness examen and prayer with Scripture; one’s faith story in relation to spiritual guidance; images of God; practical work with case studies.
The 2nd block deals with spiritual guidance; the qualities of the guide; aim of supervision and writing a verbatim. Supervised spiritual guidance will begin at this stage.
The 3rd block explores the areas of human and spiritual growth; sin and disorder, self-transcendence.
The 4th block concentrates on Ignatian discernment of God’s will; discernment of spirits, interior movements and emotions; case studies.
The 5th block articulates on areas of unfreedom: compulsions, addiction, resistances, defence mechanisms; dreams and journaling.
The 6th block covers the area of psychosexual development: developmental phases, growing in intimacy; listening with the “third ear” in spiritual guidance.
The 7th block turns mainly to the theme of wholistic spirituality and spiritual guidance; the paschal mystery and Christian discipleship
The 8th block focuses on creation theology and deals with our inter-connectedness and calls to integration, justice, peace and reconciliation, and transformation; appropriation exercises.


Each participant will be required to produce 4 assignments, corresponding to the topics given in each block.
The participant’s performance in the practice of the spiritual accompaniment of two persons will be assessed by her/his supervisor together with the Centre’s residential core staff.
Participants will be evaluated by the staff at the end of the first year. Continuation in the course will not be automatic.

Calendar 2018

The blocks for 2018 are scheduled as follows:
February 12-17
May 14-19
October 1-6
November 12-17
(blocks for 2019 yet to be fixed)
All sessions begin in the evening of the first day and end in the morning of the last day.

Residential Core Staff

Sr. Anastasia Kariongi, IBVM
Fr. Bernie Owens, S.J.
Fr. Emmanuel Mchopa, S.J.
Fr. Miguel Angel García, S.J.
Bishop Rodrigo Mejía, S.J.
Fr. Terry Charlton, S.J.
Other qualified resource personnel will be invited to facilitate specific sessions.


Ksh 98,000 per year, payable in four instalments each year, at the beginning of each block. A non-refundable registration fee of Ksh 10,000 should be sent on acceptance for the course, deductible from the first instalment. Payment includes handouts and some stationery. Limited bursaries available..

Applications Closing Date

Completed applications including the documentation requested must reach us by November 15, 2017. Incomplete applications will not be considered. This course has limited places available.

For further information contact: secretary@mwangazajesuits.org, mwangazajesuits@gmail.com