• 30-Day Guided Retreat

    May 24-June 24
    Aug 15-Sep 15
    Inquiries and applications to be addressed to secretary@mwangazajesuits.org, mwangazajesuits@gmail.com
  • 8-Day Individually Guided Retreats

    An Ignatian method that facilitates the retreatant’s spiritual experience of seeking and finding God’s loving presence in his or her life.

    Mo 9 – We 18
    Th 19 – Sa 28

    Tu 21 – Th March 2

    Tu 7 – Th 16
    Fr 17 – Su 26
    Tu 28 – Th April 6

    Fr 7 – Su 16 (EASTER)
    Th 20 – Sa 29

    Tu 2 – Th 11
    We 24 – Sa June 3

    Mo 5 – We 14
    Th 15 – Sa 24
    We 28 – Fr July 7

    Sa 8 – Mo 17
    We 19 – Fr 28
    Sa 29 – Mo August 7

    Tu 15 – Th 24
    Su 27 – Tu September 5

    We 6 – Fr 15
    Tu 19 – Th 28

    Tu 10 – Th 19
    Mo 23 – We November 1

    Tu 2 – Sa 11
    Tu 21 – Th 30

    Fr 1 – Su 10
    Th 14 – Sa 23
  • 8-Day Thematic Retreats

    Inquiries and applications to be addressed to secretary@mwangazajesuits.org, mwangazajesuits@gmail.com

    September Tu 19 – Th 28
    Jesus Remembered.
    Journeying with the Jesus of history, prophet and Messiah, as portrayed by the Gospel of Luke.
    Fr. Miguel Angel García, S.J.
    October Mo 23 – We November 1
    Rediscovery or Life. Retrieving our true self.
    Fr. Emmanuel Mchopa, S.J.
    November Tu 21 – Th 30
    Finding God in Daily Life.
    This retreat will reflect on who is the Holy Spirit as friend, guide, and giver of gifts in the various events of our life.
    Fr. Bernard Owens, S.J.
    December Th 14 – Sa 23
    Journeying with the Spirituality of St. Paul
    Bishop Rodrigo Mejía, S.J.

  • 6-Day Preached Retreat in Italian Feb Su 5 - Sa 11, 2017

    The annual retreat in Italian is offered to pastoral agents who want to pray over a New Testament theme. Places limited. Inquiries and applications to be addressed to to: secretary@mwangazajesuits.org, mwangazajesuits@gmail.com

  • Paschal Triduum, April We 12– Su 16

    For retreatants who want to spend the Easter Triduum in days of prayer and participate in the liturgies of the season.
    Conferences by Fr. Miguel Angel García, S.J.

  • Week-end Retreats

    Week-end retreats begin on Friday at 19:45 and end with the celebration of the Eucharist on Sunday at 12:00.

    May Fr 12– Su 14
    Contemplative retreat. Being Transformed in Christ.
    Fr. Bernie Owens, S.J.
    September Fr 29—Su Oct 1
    On the awakened hearts…
    Fr. Emmanuel Mchopa, S.J.
  • Ignatian Retreat in Daily Life

    This type of Ignatian retreat is known as the “19th annotation” and is personally guided with weekly interviews for a period of six-months. The experience aims at facilitating the human and spiritual growth of women and men who seek the Lord in their daily life.
    Inquiries to: secretary@mwangazajesuits.org, mwangazajesuits@gmail.com

  • Enneagram Seminar March 3-5 2017

    The study of personality types helps the participant understand the self and others in relationship. It stimulates growth and development. Facilitator: Fr. Emmanuel Mchopa, S.J.
    Inquiries to: secretary@mwangazajesuits.org, mwangazajesuits@gmail.com

  • 2017 Certificate Course of Ignatian Retreat Guides.

    Hekima College and Mwangaza Jesuit Spirituality Centre, Nairobi
    A Certificate course designed to provide both theoretical and practical training to participants who are willing to take up the ministry of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

    Places and bursaries limited.

    Inquiries to: secretary@mwangazajesuits.org, mwangazajesuits@gmail.com

Mwangaza Jesuit Centre is also available to groups who organize their own retreats in silence, seminars or similar activities, when these do not interfere with the Centre’s own calendar of activities. Inquiries to: secretary@mwangazajesuits.org, mwangazajesuits@gmail.com