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This year’s wishes.

All of us who work at Mwangaza Jesuit Spirituality Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, are given the unique gift of meeting some extraordinary people (sometimes heroic) doing extraordinary things for so many kinds of people whose life is tough.  They run schools of various grade levels, homes for “street children”, orphanages, camps for refugees running from war, hospitals and medical aid dispensaries, helping even AIDs patients—even among people who will reject them because they are Christians. Some live very isolated “in the bush” with tribal, very simple people, “primitive” by our standards. What they eat and where they live and sleep would shock you.  We are honored to meet such and hear the stories of these very impressive people when they come to our retreat center for an eight-day retreat.

What we at Mwangaza (meaning “enlightenment” in Swahili) are is a spiritual oasis and spiritual “rest stop” for these good people.  Mostly Catholics come but many Protestants do as well: nuns, ministers and laypeople. We receive people from eleven nations (South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Burundi, Ethiopia, the Congo, Djibouti, Somalia, and Kenya.)  Some who come here have suffered from various health challenges and are profoundly tired, some suffer even from the trauma of war, yet others come exhausted and stressed.  Most simply work hard to be with and for people who have so little, people who are really, really poor, some who have been abused in unspeakable ways.

So what we do is provide them 8 days of complete quiet, good, nutritious meals, their own room with shower and clean bed, and above all the opportunity for them to rest their mind and heart while having quality time to ponder the Word of God in the Bible, to help them hear once again God speak His great love and gratitude to them. Then we send them back to their places of service with hope and knowing more than before that the God and Spirit of Jesus go with them to strengthen and guide them. Each person who comes here is matched with a well trained guide, a Kenyan or someone from another country, a person who is knowledgeable in the Bible themes of love and mercy, compassion and being called in Christ to do what they do with much faith, hope and love.

Each day they have a conversation with their guide, up to 45 minutes in length. What God’s Spirit does in their spirit during that week makes our work here immensely meaningful. We feel privileged to be involved with doing what Mwangaza is about for much of Eastern Africa.

During these last five years there has been a steady increase in requests for spiritual retreats and courses at Mwangaza Jesuit Spirituality Centre. Thanks to generous donations, five years ago we were able to upgrade the centre’s capacity from 24 to 54 bedrooms. Two years ago, a generous grant made it possible for the centre to turn our 24 older bedrooms into self-contained facilities.


Yet, our challenge now is that we have to turn away between 100 and 150 people each year who want to come for an 8-day retreat.  We simply do not have the room to accommodate these people. It really hurts to turn them away. We are THE preferred spirituality center in all of Eastern Africa. We are the first choice because of the silence, the quiet, the natural beauty of this nearly 40 acre plot, but especially because of the quality of the guides and the spiritual depth these good people can get to in such a retreat. Many sign up a year in advance to come here.

This time, we are inviting you to be part of this major effort to help us build two buildings we need to be able to welcome these 100-150 who want to come. We need a new centralized building with dining and kitchen space, food storage and laundry space as well. And we need a new two-storey dormitory with 18 rooms that will house these additional retreatants. The estimated total cost of the two buildings comes up to $1.8 million US. We have about USD 250,000 as designated donations for this initiative already. And USD 200,000 have been pledged by private donors for 2016.

So, we ask you to join us in this effort of ours to welcome these extra people we presently cannot provide for and want to be here for that one special week of renewal. You could hardly support a more worthy cause and a set of people more deserving!

You may contact us at for further information.

Thanks for helping us during 2017

Many retreatants and students received 100%, 75% and 50% scholarships thanks to generous donations from private donors. We pray four our benefactors.
To Mwangaza’s fees for retreats and courses a discrete “solidarity %” has been added to help those who cannot afford meeting the full cost of the programmes. It is a help, but we need more.

Bursary Fund

We always need extra money to support people who can’t afford our retreats or courses. The funds needed come up to USD 10,000 circa to subsidize retreats and USD 15,000 to assist with the fees of the courses for 2018.
An 8-day retreat will come up to USD 270 in 2018.

Courses will come up to USD 240 per 4-day module in 2018. A 4-module course in 2018 will cost USD 960.